Make sure you're ready for the GDPR

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Find all the answers to your GDPR questions here:

What is the GDPR?

How does it impact email marketing and marketing automation?

How is Sprintzweb preparing to comply with this regulation?

What measures do I need to take in order to prepare for the GDPR?

Marketing Campaigns

Leverage email and SMS marketing campaigns to inform, engage and convert.

Marketing Automation

Use custom marketing workflows to guide customers through a personalized buying journey.

Transactional Messaging

Reach your audience with email and SMS messages triggered by their interactions with you.

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Easy to Use

Sprintzweb campaign design tools are easy to use and enable us to create emails that continually improve our sales performance."

Email & Phone Support

"We appreciate the personalized and prompt service their team provides & the platform is so easy to use. Sprintzweb is always there for us!"

Rock Solid Platform

"We can see exactly who is opening an email and that we have a 70% open rate on our confirmation email. Thank you Sprintzweb!"

API, Plugins & Integrations

"Integrating Sprintzweb with WordPress couldn't be easier, and I've grown my list and improved deliverability since switching."

Right to portability

Upon request, we will export your data so that it can be transferred to a third party or competitor. Thank you Sprintzweb!

Right to rectification

Rectify your personal information at any time from your account settings. You can also contact us directly to edit or rectify your information.

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